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Report a possible new nest site

Please note we no longer wish to receive general sightings or images.

Please use the Contact Form on this page to send/request information and to report any possible new nest sites in Yorkshire and surrounding areas.

We need to assure you that any information received will be treated confidentially.

If you are reporting a possible new nest site, please include as much detail as possible. For example:

  • Date and time
  • Weather conditions
  • Exact location - please include Post Code or what3words or OS grid reference if known.

If you have problems with this form we are happy to take emails directly via info@yorkshireredkites.net.



Please Note

Should your sighting be an emergency, for example a dead, injured or sick Red Kite, then please refer to our ‘Guidelines for dealing with casualties’ and 'Contact' sections.

Sadly, we do not have the capability to respond to all your messages/sightings. We will though reply where we feel it necessary.

Many thanks YRK.

Yorkshire Red Kites is run by a small group of volunteer enthusiasts who have been monitoring and recording red kite activities in the county since their reintroduction to Yorkshire in 1999.

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