Spring is Sprung(ing)

We've had our first report of red kites copulating in the county. Spring definitely must be with us.

Good friend Sally Whale spotted a pair 'at it' in trees near Adel Church. She wasn't as lucky with the lighting as in previous years (see image at the bottom). We have though, a male and a slightly larger female.

Sally Whale 2021 1Sally Whale 2021 2

With the large number of birds that we have on and around the Harewood Estate, and the influx of 'Lockdown' walkers that are using the paths, hopefully this will be the first of many sightings. Do use our Contact Form to report both this activity and any evidence of nest building that you see.

Just a reminder that red kites are a protected species so do give them space, and avoid announcing the presence of nests to the masses.

Many thanks, stay safe.


East Yorkshire Wildlife Magazine

Cover East Yorkshire Wildlife ISSN 2634 8748 01 002We were asked to contribute to a new magazine on East Yorkshire Wildlife and were delighted to be able to do so.

The magazine is now available from www.jasonsargerson.uk


East Yorkshire Wildlife Magazine

Issue One: Autumn 2020

This is an A4 magazine, 36 pages.

Articles in the magazine cover: Wildlife in Thixendale, Butterflies in East Yorkshire, Wildlife in the Avenues in Hull, Solitary Bees and Bumblebees of the Avenues, Wildlife at Tophill Low and North Cave Wetlands, The Renovation of Pearson Park in Hull, Red Kites in East Yorkshire, Gardening for Butterflies, The Great Creature Count in Yorkshire and How Trees Sustain Life.

Contributors are local naturalists and include: Nikki Abramson, Andrew Ashworth, Margaret Boyd, Sean Clough, Robert Fuller, Harriet Lawrence and Nigel Puckrin.

Each page has a unique selection of photographs. All photographs are identified where possible with the species, date and place.

  • Describes local wildlife in the Avenues in Kingston upon Hull, North Cave Wetlands, Pearson Park in Hull, Thixendale, Tophill Low and Yorkshire Wolds.
  • Book Review.
  • Over 70 species illustrated.
  • 120 colour photographs.

ISSN: 2634-8748-01


Dead Red Kite Found Shot near Leeds Bradford Airport

Police are appealing for information after a protected bird of prey was shot and killed in Leeds.

The red kite was found by a walker on the evening of Friday, April 10, in the Carlton Moor area, close to Leeds Bradford Airport and the High Trees Garden Centre, in Otley Old Road.

He retrieved the dead bird and contacted Yorkshire Red Kites who, with support from the Harewood Estate, arranged for x-rays which showed the presence of at least 12 shotgun pellets.

shot kite 1shot kite 2

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A Scottish visitor or immigrant?

We had a reported sighting of a Red Kite from Knaresborough last week that included the photo below. This was tagged Red/Blue 2 which indicated that it was a red kite of Central Scottish origin.

We’ve heard back from Central Scotland. They didn’t do any tagging last year. The type of tag shown wouldn’t have been in use in 2001 so this all points to it being a bird from 2010.

Assuming this to be correct, it’s not beyond the bounds of possibility that the bird has been down here for some time and could well be breeding somewhere local.

Scotish RK

The Dutch Bird

Every now and again we get sent an image and a query from further afield.

This time, the original information came to us from across the water in the Netherlands. A link to a report on a local birding website showed the sighting of a red kite (24th March 2020) with the wing tag "Orange 08X". There was also an accompanying photograph:

Dutch Kite 2

The bird was obviously NOT British by origin, but the tag's source was unknown.

We do love a mystery here at YRK, so decided to investigate further.

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