The Dutch Bird

Every now and again we get sent an image and a query from further afield.

This time, the original information came to us from across the water in the Netherlands. A link to a report on a local birding website showed the sighting of a red kite (24th March 2020) with the wing tag "Orange 08X". There was also an accompanying photograph:

Dutch Kite 2

The bird was obviously NOT British by origin, but the tag's source was unknown.

We do love a mystery here at YRK, so decided to investigate further.


It turns out that the tag (Orange 08X) is almost definitely on a bird that originated from the Sternberger Seenland region (E. of Schwerin, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany.) and in the direction of Güstrow and Schwaan (N and E).

Most of the red kites in Britain have migrated in an east to north-easterly direction, along the line of the prevailing wind. Orange 08X had flown 220 miles against the wind.

Dutch Kite Map

At the moment we are awaiting a reply from our German colleagues. We may yet learn more about the birds age and sightings.

In the meantime folks, stay safe BUT if you spot a red kite, and particularly if the bird is tagged, DO LET US KNOW here at Yorkshire Red Kites.