Newsletter (13) added 15th Dec 2011


Newsletter – Issue (13)

How time has flown, it being more than 12 years since the reintroduction of Red Kites into Yorkshire began. From this edition, the Newsletter is being produced in a briefer format. Detailed information about the birds and the Project is available on the above website, where there is also a facility for reporting sightings and other information.

Breeding in 2011

Established sites. Monitoring in 2011 began with checks of the 77 sites at which kites had bred in 2010. In 22 instances the territories were found to be either unoccupied (18) or birds were present but not breeding (4). Three of the 2010 breeding birds were known to be dead (accident – 2, rat poison – 1) and in three other instances the nests had been lost due to tree thinning and clear-felling after the end of the last breeding season. For the most part it was not possible to tell what had caused the absence of missing birds or at what point in the period of 8-9 months between breeding seasons this had occurred.

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Congratulations! - 8 year old red kite watcher Kieran Ashton

Bramhope Primary School pupil Kieran Ashton was still 7 years old when he entered a competion designed to encourage children to get closer to nature. Inspired by much loved sightings of red kites whilst on the school run with his mum, Kieran decided to create a collage that he called 'Red Kite Nest in Yorkshire'. Much to the delight of all concerned his amazing collage won him the second prize of £1000 pounds for his school.




A fantastic achievement Kieran, and well done from everyone at Yorkshire Red Kites for bringing peoples' attention to the magic of Red Kites in a unique way


Kieran Ashton Collage - Red Kite Nest in Yorkshire