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Harewood Pair (Les McLean)
Orange/Red 10 (David Hall)
Tagged 14/06/2003
Inflight Chat (David Hall)
The Bullet (David Hall)
Summer flight (Dave Brotherton)
Over Muddy Boots Harewood (Peter Wilson)
Over Harewood Estates (Les McLean)
Super Dive at Harewood (David Hall)
Just looking in (David Hall)
Dawn Patrol at Harewood (David Hall)
Perched in the Wolds
Harewood bird by Brian Leecy
O/R6 at Harewood by Brian Leecy
"2 year old in to roost" by Sonia Johnson
"2 year old in to roost" by Sonia Johnson
Red 10 (David Hall)
Watch Out Below (Michael Flowers)
Winter Roost 1 (Rob Ellett)
Winter Roost 2 (Rob Ellett)
Harewood 1 (Terence Porter)
Harewood 2 (Terence Porter)
Harewood 3 (Terence Porter)
Harewood 4 (Terence Porter)
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