The Breeding Season (March to June inc)

Yorkshire Red Kites respectfully request that we do not wish to receive any images of red kites from any locations during the current breeding season. Red Kites are specially protected as a Schedule 1 species under The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.
Thank you in anticipation for your cooperation. 
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The latest images received by the website will appear here for a few weeks before being allocated to one of the other Category folders.

Paul Wheatley
Andrew Woodcock
Andrew Woodcock
Andrew Woodcock
Graham Moss
Martin Roper Aug19
Robert Graves
Sam Reynolds Aug19
Harewood Pair (Mark Clayton)
Harewood Pair (Mark Clayton)
Harewood Pair (Mark Clayton)
Coming Down! (Adrian Darcy)
More from Harewood (Alvie Obrien)
Harrogate bird (David Tipping)
Harewood bird (Ivan Ellison)
Image from Dave Johnston
Image from David Hall
Image from Ivan Ellison
Image from Ivan Ellison
Image from Paul Hurst
Weardley Locals by Ivan Ellison
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