Spring is Sprung(ing)

We've had our first report of red kites copulating in the county. Spring definitely must be with us.

Good friend Sally Whale spotted a pair 'at it' in trees near Adel Church. She wasn't as lucky with the lighting as in previous years (see image at the bottom). We have though, a male and a slightly larger female.

Sally Whale 2021 1Sally Whale 2021 2

With the large number of birds that we have on and around the Harewood Estate, and the influx of 'Lockdown' walkers that are using the paths, hopefully this will be the first of many sightings. Do use our Contact Form to report both this activity and any evidence of nest building that you see.

Just a reminder that red kites are a protected species so do give them space, and avoid announcing the presence of nests to the masses.

Many thanks, stay safe.